[ANN] RunRev Community Linux Distro

viktoras d. viktoras at ekoinf.net
Thu Feb 4 17:18:41 EST 2010


Now you/we need some work on a website with wording and structure like 
Ubuntu website i.e. a little of PR to make it as popular and as well 
known ;-). I am looking forward for the release of the liveCD.

All the best!

Andre Garzia wrote:
> Hello Folks,
> This was quick!
> Move your browsers to http://andregarzia.com/revlinux/ and check it out. So
> far I just put the VMWare Image out, the other images and LiveCD will follow
> shortly. This is a SuSe based distro with revEnterprise, revStudio, MySQL,
> PostgreSQL, Apache2, RevOnRockets installed. I created this from our emails
> yesterday till today, so it is a bit rough. I will polish it more if there's
> interest.
> Please, tell me what you think
> http://andregarzia.com/revlinux/
> :D
> Cheers
> andre

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