open substack flickering despite lockscreen

Klaus Major klaus at
Thu Feb 4 08:41:11 EST 2010

Hi Tiemo,

> Hello,
> I want to open a substack modal at the loc of the mouse. Everything works,
> beside there is a flickering, when opening the substack and positioning it
> at the mouse loc despide of having a lockscreen. For a moment of a second
> the stack appears at his default loc and then it appears at my wanted
> position. So there must be a fault in my following approach:
>   set the lockscreen to true
>   open stack "lizenzinfo"
>   set the left of stack " lizenzinfo" to tLocX
>   set the top of stack " lizenzinfo" to tLocY
>   modal stack "lizenzinfo"
>   set the lockscreen to false
> The reason for using first "open" and afterwords "modal" was, that I
> couldn't change the position, when opening it with modal, as far as I
> remember my code.

Try this, since you can set these props even BEFOE you open your stack!
  set the left of stack "lizenzinfo" to tLocX
  set the top of stack "lizenzinfo" to tLocY
  modal stack "lizenzinfo"

> Why does the lockscreen doesn't seem to be affective? What am I doing wrong?

"lock screen" only works inside of a stack, not on the screen unfortunately!

> Thanks for any hint
> Tiemo



Klaus Major
klaus at

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