ANN: Hinduism Today Navigator - Alpha Test Open

Sivakatirswami katir at
Thu Feb 4 00:11:39 EST 2010

Namaste, Aloha and "Oi" from Kauai, Hawaii and Niteroi, Brazil:

Hinduism Today and Andre Garzia are happy to announce that the latest 
incarnation of Hinduism Today Digital Edition has been released under a 
new name:

Hinduism Today Navigator

I want to thank both Andre for his hard work on this and Trevor DeVore 
for the brilliant additions to our RunRev world, the data grid, SQL yoga 
and GLX that Andre used to build this and RunRev for the new graphic 
effects which finally make people say "Wow, it's beautiful!"  And to 
Jerry Daniels for making development process with tRev, so "sweet".

We would like anyone who has time to hammer hard on this one:

FYI: this is a broadband product (free)  We bundle a lot of content with 
the standalone, for a 30MB download, after that, online line 
transactions are small unless you ask for a  PDF.

Send any "no holds barred" feedback  to

katir at
andre at

Sorry, no Linux version: our media player requires Flash to run inside 
the RevBrowser window.

I'm calling this a beta version but Andre prefers "alpha" -- in case you 
find any bugs then we can just say:

"Well, its an alpha version after all... " (smile)

but in house tests on 8 different Macs and 10 different Windows users 
all look good so we are widening the test group to include all RunRev'ers.

All the best from Chilly Kauai. When I went for a swim in the Wailua 
this morning, air was about 54 and the water 65... that's about as cold 
as it gets here.

Thank you for taking the time to try it out.


ps. Is anyone seeing the 20 pixel "menu shift" bug? appears as a strip 
of background at the bottom of the stack/card that should not be there.

And if anyone is connecting through a proxy, we would like to know that 
is working.

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