On-Rev Long Delays (final pass)

Bob Sneidar bobs at twft.com
Wed Feb 3 18:42:45 CST 2010

Hi all. 

I am going to make one more attempt at this before I drop it. When I try to execute queries against the on-rev mySQL server, and there has been a long period of idle time, the query takes a very long time to execute, and in the end the query fails. Even a simple query like "SHOW TABLES" will fail so I know it is not my Sequel that is the problem, and anyway, when I copy/paste my Sequel to an SQL utility, it works famously. 

It is my opinion that on-rev does not respond to queries made with a dropped connection, even to report an error. Normally a local mySQL server would return some kind of error, but I believe that the on-rev site has a mechanism, perhaps to prevent a brute force attack, whereby it will not respond to bad connections. 

If anyone can confirm or deny this theory it would help me sleep much better. 


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