Rev for Linux (was Re: iPadding around?)

Brian Yennie briany at
Wed Feb 3 13:47:25 EST 2010

One possibility for RevBrowser would be to build an alternative using WebKit (aka Chrome, Safari engine). That would allow for the same browser engine on all 3 platforms, instead of locking down projects to the lowest common denominator (i.e., IE). It would certainly support Linux as that is the "original" platform.

Beside Linux support the one thing that has kept me nervous about using RevBrowser is that it comes with the usual cross-browser issues!

> Bernard Devlin wrote:
>> Sorry to disagree Peter, It is not just at the generic level where
>> there are problems.  I am assuming by the generic level you mean the
>> way that Rev on Linux is treated like the unloved stepchild of Windows
>> and OS X (developer previews meant to flush out bugs only being
>> released for OS X and Windows, the lack of features like revBrowser,
>> persistent bugs in things like revPrintField, etc).
> At the risk of soundy all FOSSy, is the problem with the scripted elements like revPrintField something that one of us scripters could address?
> As for RevBrowser, I'd love to see that for Linux too.  As an external, the code is separate from the main code base and so the Linux verison could conceivably be farmed out.
> I would be willing to toss in a few bucks toward that.  Anyone else interested in funding that development?
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