Rev for Linux (was Re: iPadding around?)

Andre Garzia andre at
Wed Feb 3 11:43:07 EST 2010

Hello Folks,

arriving late on the thread.

I used many linux distros till I finally settled on OpenSUSE 11.2. I find
Ubuntu very charming and used it from Gusty Gibbon till Karmic Koala (can't
remember version numbers but I love those silly names, was waiting for
hungry hippo), it was fun to use and it was the first Gnome desktop that I
could actually understand, me being a KDE person from the start. What moved
me away from ubuntu was the mess that is sound under linux, it is a hit or
miss, or it works or you're in very murky waters. PulseAudio, ALSA, OSS,
they are all crap and conflict with each other. Video cards are also
cumbersome, my PC has an onboard intel chipset that till today is not well
supported. When I tried openSUSE, it just worked out of the box both video
and sound. It was more polished than ubuntu for me, I really liked their
gnome theme.

It was somewhat a struggle to move from apt to zypper but they work
basically the same, the package names change though and that is the hard
part. Revolution works well on OpenSUSE and with that in mind, I decided
that SUSE was the way to go for me.

Now on the topic of creating our own distro, I did that! I created "Andre
SUSE Distro" using Suse Studio service. Suse Studio is the most awesome and
elegant web service I ever seen. It basically allow you to choose from
multiple packages and everything, to configure all you want and then it will
build you an ISO or a VMWare image. You can even try your system online thru
a web VNC session, you don't even need to install it at home. Using this
system I created an almost barebones version of suse that would pack
RevEnterprise and RevWeb (that old alpha one). I haven't told anyone about
it because it packs RevEnterprise with my license, I made this system
basically for my own consumption, it allows me to move from bare bones pc to
fully configured and ready linux with a single DVD.

If people here are so inclined, I can try to build a simple suse that would
bundle Rev without a license (so you would need to put a license on first
run) and some useful tools. You could run it as a virtual machine under
vmware or virtualbox and thus test your software under linux without the
need to a full linux hardware.



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