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Wed Feb 3 10:58:33 EST 2010

On Feb 3, 2010, at 10:40 AM, Dave Cragg wrote:

> On 3 Feb 2010, at 15:23, Trevor DeVore wrote:
>> I added support for following 302 with POST, DELETE and PUT  
>> requests in the version of libURL that comes with the GLX App  
>> Framework.
> But then it isn't standards compliant. :-)
> From rfc2616
> "If the 302 status code is received in response to a request other  
> than GET or HEAD, the user agent MUST NOT automatically redirect the  
> request unless it can be confirmed by the user, since this might  
> change the conditions under which the request was issued."

That is why I installed a callback when I implemented it :-)

Basically a developer registers a callback for 301, 302 and 307 by  
issuing the command libURLSetFollowRedirectCallback. libURL then sends  
the message and the developer returns a value. If it is "redirect"  
then libURL redirects. If it is "get" then libURL fetches the new URL  
using "get". Any other value performs default libURL behavior which  
returns "socket closed before end of file".

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