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On Feb 3, 2010, at 6:04 AM, Dave Cragg wrote:

> What happens if you try "get" instead of "post"
> get url " 
> "
> (Not sure about that final forward slash.)
> libUrl will follow redirects (the 302 response) when using "get" but  
> not "post"
> If it won't accept "get", look in the headers returned from  
> "post" (using libUrlLastRhHeaders()) and try to find the "Location:"  
> header. With a bit* of luck, it will contain the URL with the data  
> you need. (* maybe a lot of luck)

I added support for following 302 with POST, DELETE and PUT requests  
in the version of libURL that comes with the GLX App Framework. I  
haven't documented it outside of the source code but if you need to  
use POST Sarah and a 302 is being sent then download the GLX App  
Framework files, grab the custom version of libURL and search for this  

## POST, PUT, DELETE. Look for callback, otherwise we ignore.

Framework home page:

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