Rev for Linux (was Re: iPadding around?)

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at
Wed Feb 3 05:42:01 EST 2010

On 03/02/2010 12:17, viktoras d. wrote:
> what about creating our own Debian based Linux distribution?.. We 
> would give it a name of Revolinux with most of the system management 
> utilities (or GUIs for these) written in RevTalk, its own software 
> repositories. This would provide a lot of opportunities and motivation 
> to test and polish Revolution on Linux. Revolution engine could also 
> be an integral part of the distribution, well, the paid version of it 
> ;-). And it could be released with integrated and pre-configured onRev 
> server as well.

that's a wonderful idea! And, like most wonderful ideas will "die a 
death" for
2 very simple reasons:

1. Most people have enough work on their plate already.

2. "Revolinux" would be fantastic for development purposes; but I cannot see
     end-users installing it 'just' to run somebody's standalone; can you ?

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