iPadding around?

Larry Snider sniderl at gmail.com
Tue Feb 2 08:09:41 EST 2010


No offense was taken.  I was just providing some unsolicited input
from an old sys admin.  My language could have been chosen a little
better though, I admit.  :-)


On Mon, Feb 1, 2010 at 7:13 PM, Sarah Reichelt <sarah.reichelt at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 2, 2010 at 2:35 AM, Larry Snider <sniderl at gmail.com> wrote:
>> An opinion from a list lurker...
>> I would very much appreciate further development of a Linux version of
>> Rev.  (And any other UNIX-type OS for that matter...)
>> !!(In fact, I would, more importantly, like the ability to compile
>> command-line programs!  I could very easily write CGI tools for the
>> web that would not require ANY plug-in.  Sorry.  I'm not a fan of
>> special GUI web programming.)!!
>> One aspect that apparently is not given much consideration is the
>> enterprise/infrastructure.  Not everyone develops for profit.  Some
>> people, like me, need a rapid development tool that can meet the needs
>> of the users quickly and reliably.  My company has zero Macs at this
>> facility but we have thousands of Windows PCs and many, many Linux and
>> Solaris servers.  Yes, Solaris and HP-UX are still very alive in the
>> enterprise arena so if there were a RunRev version available to me for
>> those OSs I would be all over it.
>> So, for all the naysayers who only want their preferred OS to survive
>> to mature development then request away.  You're only screwing
>> everyone else.  There's a whole other world out there to be
>> discovered/considered.
> Since I was the one that really started this whole thread, I guess I
> am the naysayer you are referring too.
> I assure you that I had no intention of screwing anybody. My main
> interest is in the continuing commercial health of RunRev, so that my
> preferred tool keeps going. To this end, I was suggesting that it
> might be more commercially viable, as well as more honest to their
> customers, if they re-directed their Linux team to the revMobile team.
> That's all - it was in no way an attack on Linux/Unix or their users.
> I realise that the Linux engine is essential for revServer, but that
> doesn't need the development that has to be put into the GUI and the
> externals.
> Anyway, my apologies if you took my opinions for a personal attack on
> Linux users, that was not what I meant.
> Regards,
> Sarah
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