[BUG] or expected behaviour - rawKeyUp (or Down)

Kay C Lan lan.kc.macmail at gmail.com
Mon Feb 1 03:05:16 EST 2010

OK folks, thanks for the replies. As Jacque the expert said, Rev has figured
this out to work cross platform long ago. The issue doesn't appear to be the
keyCode, but the naming convention.

So to summarise, I'll refer to the keyboard image here:


follow the gallery link to the plan view photo.

Firstly I'll note these naming issues

Delete (backspace) - this is the key to the right of +=,
Delete (not backspace) - I don't have one of those, Peter has one though!
Return (marked Enter Return on Mac keyboards) - right of the quote, double
quote key
Enter (not Return) - not in the photo, but on my keyboard it is two keys
right of the spacebar, where the Option key is in the photo.
On Win I'm guessing the Enter key is in the same location as the Mac Return

                                     Mac           Win            Linux
Delete (backspace)      65288        65288        65288
Tab                               65289        65289        65289
Return (Enter)               65293        65293        65293
Left Arrow                     65361        ?                ?
Up Arrow                       65362        ?               ?
Right Arrow                   65363        ?                ?
Down Arrow                  65364        ?                ?
Enter (not Return)         65421        ?                65421
Delete (not Backspace) ?               ?                65535

I'm guessing the ? will fill out to be corresponding numbers across


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