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Jim Ault jimaultwins at
Sat Dec 25 15:23:06 EST 2010

If the goal is photo-realism on Earth in daylight with few clouds you  
would need to add the scattered light contribution.  The scattering  
factor is dependent on the wave length of light, thus blue light is  
scattered most and will soften a distinct shadow, as well as make it  
appear smaller.

You could use a 3D rendering program to capture jpg's of various  
shadows if you wanted to.  Most any will accurately render the effect  
of sun, sky, ambient light, and radiosity.  Some even have algorithms  
for longitude, latitude, time of day, time of year to capture the  
correct sun conditions anywhere on the globe, such as Cheetah 3D.

On the moon or other planet without atmosphere or clouds, there would  
be no reflection or scattering, thus long shadows remain distinct.

On Dec 25, 2010, at 10:35 AM, Geoff Canyon Rev wrote:

> Not arguing what will look good -- in that I would always defer to  
> Scott --
> in real life shadows from the sun do not change size in any  
> appreciable way
> no matter how high something is, because compared to 93 million  
> miles, 1
> foot above the ground is much the same as 1000 feet above the ground.
> Congratulations, John, the game looks good!

Jim Ault
Las Vegas

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