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Wed Dec 22 14:23:04 EST 2010

On 12/22/10 12:56 PM, DunbarX at wrote:
> I know that it is only me, but now the msg box will simply fail to work at
> all.
> Went back to 4.5.0, where all is well.

If you are up for some debugging you might be able to find what's wrong. 
Since you can't use the message box to issue the command, turn on "UI 
Elements in Lists" from the View menu, open the Application Browser, 
find the Message Box stack, select card 1, and on the right-side pane 
right-click on field "Message Field" to edit the field script.

Place a debug breakpoint in the returnInField handler (near the top of 
the script) at the line that starts with "dispatch". Try to type 
something and hit the return key; see if it breaks. If not, something is 
interfering with sending keystrokes to the message box. If it does 
break, then try to step through the code and see where it fails.

You may not be able to step through the dispatch command (I didn't try 
it) but if you can't, put a second breakpoint on the line just under it. 
If you never break there then the dispatch command is failing.

My guess is that there's an error somewhere that is aborting the script, 
so you get nothing back.

BTW, did you try reinstalling LiveCode?

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