RevServer on OSX (Snow Leopard Server)

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Thu Dec 16 12:48:12 EST 2010

Thanks Devin - I sure could use a copy of your httpd.conf file to do a line-by-line comparison with Guiffy.

I now realise that a lot of the conflicting configuration advice is down to the subtle difference between configuring:
1. OSX Snow Leopard Server (the Apple OSX Server product) - which is what I'm trying to do, (and what I'm hoping you have achieved) vs.
2. Configuring the web server capability in (the standard 'desktop') OSX Snow Leopard for local development purposes - which is what most advice in the archives is about.

Unfortunately the approach to web service configuration and hierarchy of apache config files is completely different on these two platforms. Now I realise this, I'm now trying to apply (1) to my OSX Snow Leopard Server and (2) to my development Mac. Then, I'll document how these differ!

Hopefully I'll get one working before my head explodes!

On 16 Dec 2010, at 16:17, Devin Asay wrote:

> Keith,
> I forgot to mention... In Server Admin I also tick "CGI Execution" under Web > Sites > Options for each site where I want to use irev scripting. I don't know if this is required, but it seemed like it should be on if I'm using the revserver CGI. Related to this I have ticked "cgi_module" under Web > Settings > Modules.
> Finally, make sure your revserver executable has the 'execute' flag set in its file permissions.
> And any time you make a change to your httpd.conf you must restart apache before trying it out to force apache to read the new config options.
> Devin
> On Dec 16, 2010, at 7:22 AM, Keith Clarke wrote:
>> ...ah, OK - that explains a lot! I think I'd better continue trying to replicate Devin's working Snow Leopard Server config on my version, rather than interpret what you have. 
>> Well, that or re-install standard Snow Leopard and copy your config! ;-)
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