More iOS Build Trouble

Colin Holgate coiin at
Thu Dec 9 10:11:59 CST 2010

On Dec 9, 2010, at 9:44 AM, Thomas McGrath III wrote:

> Both the iPhone and the ipad have been at 4.2 for a while now.

Not really, it's only been 17 days, I'm sure a lot of people won't have updated, and for many older device owners their iPhones/iPods won't be allowed to update to 4.x. Setting the minimum as 3.2, or 4.2,  would prevent any of those iPhones or iPods from using the app. It is a requirement of the App Store that if the app is just for iPad, it has to have a minimum of 3.2, but if it's iPhone/iPad it can be less. I submitted an app recently that is iPhone/iPad, and the minimum was set to 3.0.

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