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Björnke von Gierke bvg at
Tue Dec 7 19:18:29 EST 2010

stacks save their position and size into themselves when you save them, be it via the save menu or by any other means. Stacks that are a standalone can't save themselves. Other programs use  setting files or the registry to save their window size and positioning between launches.

Note that the IDE might reposition your stacks, depending on the windowboundingrect which excludes the IDE's menubar, iconbar and the tools palette from the available places for stacks.

On 7 Dec 2010, at 23:59, Peter Haworth wrote:

> Given that I  don't provide any coordinates for the window position when I open a stack, what default position does LC use?
> My stack windows always seem to open at the same coordinates but each stack window is at a different location.  If I drag a stack window to a different location on the screen, close it, then open it again, it is displayed at its original position, not the one I dragged it to so it seems like it's my responsibility to record the window location in those circumstances if I want it to open at the same location next time around.
> Pete Haworth


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