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--- On Sun, 12/5/10, Hershel Fisch <hershrev at> wrote:
> Hi all, I'm wondering why when I set
> the lineSize of a line to1 and the
> height to 1 the line is not seen on the screen?
> Thanks,  Hershel

Because there has to be actual room to show the line itself. If you look at the inspector palette after selecting a simple horizontal line, you'll see the 'points' property is something like:
Now switch to the 'Size & Position' panel. You'll see that the 'rectangle' of the graphic actually fits around the line:
Thus the 'minimum' height of the graphic is (101-99) = 2. My preferred methd of updating a line graphic is setting the 'points' property, and letting the engine update the 'rectangle' acordingly.

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