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Mark Smith Mark_Smith at
Thu Dec 2 23:27:39 EST 2010

Thanks Jacqueline, I think I need serious remedial help. I just realized I
have been making
a really stupid mistake. I am so used to the a) edit, b) compile c) run
scenario that... I have been modifying Notepad4 (my current version) then
recompiling the splash
screen stack again and running that to test it in compiled mode. BUT, the
splash screen never
changes. Its invisible... it just runs Notepad4. How stupid is that. As long
as it is Notepad4 I never
need to recompile. The same splash will point to the same code base/stack.

The path to Notepad4 is: /mark/runrev/stacks/notepad/notepad4. I guess the
"splash" stack could be anywhere but is currently
/mark/runrev/stacks/notepad/notepad8/macosx/notepad. Since I think it is
messy to try and distribute more than 1 file/bundle I guess it would be
better if Notepad? was located in the Notepad application bundle. Launching
Notepad would then look insides its bundle to find the current version of
the notepad code/stack? 

I'm sometimes amazed I have anything running at all :-)

J. Landman Gay wrote:
> I'd use a relative file path. If you don't know what that would be, tell 
> us where your stacks are located in relation to the standalone and we 
> can help.
> If you want your separate stacks to be located inside the application 
> bundle instead of outside of it on OS X, then include them in the Stacks 
> pane of the Standalone Builder. That will place them inside the bundle 
> on OS X (next to the engine in Contents/MacOS/), though they'll still be 
> in the main folder on other operating systems. Only OS X has application 
> bundles.
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