how to zip a bundle, keeping all "locked attributes", was: need ditto zipping help

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Fri Apr 30 14:48:37 EDT 2010


I think I posted the wrong question to understand the problem.
Is it a normal behavior on Mac, when zipping and unzipping a bundle that a
containing file loses its "locked attribute"?
Or does it depend on the zip tool or its parameters? Other way around, if it
is a standard behavior for ditto and there is no other parameter to keep the
status, is there a recommended zip tool, where all files keep their
locked/unlocked attribute?
Thanks for any advice

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> Betreff: need ditto zipping help
> Hello,
> still not very familiar with the Mac and its specialities I need some
> help
> with zipping with ditto.
> I have a locked file in my App bundle. After zipping and unzipping the
> whole
> bundle (in an update process) the locked file isn't locked anymore.
> The ditto parameters I am using for zipping are:
> Ditto -c -k --sequesterRsrc
> Can anybody shed some light on this, how I can preserve the locked file
> being locked?
> Thanks for any hints
> Tiemo
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