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Fri Apr 30 13:50:53 EDT 2010

charles61 wrote:
> Jacqueline,
> Could you share a script that you use in a preOpenStack handler for menus?

It's pretty simple:

on preOpenStack
  if the platform = "MacOS" then
    set the menubar of this stack to "menugroupname"
    set the defaultmenubar to "menugroupname"
  end if
end preOpenStack

If you use this approach, do not set any menu properties at all on the 
stack. Leave the defaultmenubar and the menubar of the stack unassigned 
so it looks like a Windows build.

To address some other comments (i.e., "I don't use menu bars any more"): 
I do. I need to, and I use them all the time in virtually every app I 
write. I do not always see the shrinking problem, but when I do I either 
turn off destroystack, or use the above script. That works, but it *is* 
a bug that requires a workaround, and it should be fixed. But since 
there is a fairly easy workaround, I'm not that bothered by it any more, 
just mildly annoyed.

There is one other approach that Chipp suggested a long time ago. I've 
never used it. Instead of the above, just determine the platform on 
preOpenStack and hide/show the menu group depending on platform. If it's 
Mac, you can assign the menubar property to the hidden group so that on 
Macs it is placed in the system menu position. I don't like this 
approach as well, because it leaves a blank area at the top of the stack 
where the menus would be on Windows, but it's another option.

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