Apples actual response to the Flash issue

René Micout rene.micout at
Thu Apr 29 13:48:00 EDT 2010

Hello Roger,
I just want to point out that Apple is not only a creator of OS, but also the creator of computers throughout the last decades have greatly advanced the technology. This is what I understand the statement of Steve Jobs.
I also regret what could happen to RevMobile, with many projects around the iPad (for my own non-profit research).
But as we say in French : si cela ne se peut je ferais contre mauvaise fortune bon cœur !
Bon souvenir de Paris

Le 29 avr. 2010 à 19:17, Roger.E.Eller at a écrit :

> On 04/29/2010 at 01:01 PM, René Micout wrote:
>> Dear Richmond,
>> Linux does not create Macintosh, iPhone and iPad !!
>> ;-)
>> René
>>> On April 29, 2010 at 18:32, Richmond Mathewson wrote:
>>> ... snip ...
>>> Unfortunately, I have grown "dependent on third party development
> libraries and tools",
>>> i.e. RunRev (and I do not regret it for one moment), so I am praying
> like Billy-Oh that this
>>> does not happen.
>>> Just in case it does, it would behoove RunRev to pay more attention to
> one OS that
>>> does not go in for restrictive practises: Linux . . . :)
> René,
> I see your wink ;-) emoticon, so I know you are just poking at Richmond in
> fun.  But on the serious side, there are other popular OS's for computers
> and mobile devices that are far less restrictive than Apple.  Rev resources
> do seem to be leaning heavily toward only one source as of lately.  I am
> still waiting patiently for a Linux revWeb plugin and to see a maemo
> version of RevMobile.  iThis and iThat seems to be more fun for the team
> right now though.
> ~Roger Eller
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