[OT] GameOver Mr. Jobs

Björnke von Gierke bvg at mac.com
Thu Apr 29 13:33:54 EDT 2010

It's funny to read the replies in regards to the "advertisement" on apples page. Steven knows exactly what he's doing, and getting the internet to spin in tune with his demands is as easy as posting a slightly warped "factsheet" about how it's not at all about power, or making a loser out of someone.

And all that just by saying "We do not want anyone to have power over developers", happily dropping the "anyone else" and "over OUR developers" under the table. 

Of course cross platform tools increase the lag of uptake on new technology, and they always look awkward (yes, Rev does look awkward on all platforms). But then, they allow developers to produce one product, and get it to customers on several platforms, nice examples for that are quicktime, itunes or safari. In the end, vanilla C++ is cross platform too. 

So who is losing when one platform forbids cross platform developers? Not the platform, as long as it has some monopoly heft. Steven has been on the wrong end of that weapon quite a few times, so he'll know when to wield it effectively, as well as how bad the press can get, if the weapons bang is heard too loud.

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