Apples actual response to the Flash issue

Roger.E.Eller at Roger.E.Eller at
Thu Apr 29 13:17:22 EDT 2010

On 04/29/2010 at 01:01 PM, René Micout wrote:
> Dear Richmond,
> Linux does not create Macintosh, iPhone and iPad !!
> ;-)
> René
>> On April 29, 2010 at 18:32, Richmond Mathewson wrote:
>> ... snip ...
>> Unfortunately, I have grown "dependent on third party development
libraries and tools",
>> i.e. RunRev (and I do not regret it for one moment), so I am praying
like Billy-Oh that this
>> does not happen.
>> Just in case it does, it would behoove RunRev to pay more attention to
one OS that
>> does not go in for restrictive practises: Linux . . . :)


I see your wink ;-) emoticon, so I know you are just poking at Richmond in
fun.  But on the serious side, there are other popular OS's for computers
and mobile devices that are far less restrictive than Apple.  Rev resources
do seem to be leaning heavily toward only one source as of lately.  I am
still waiting patiently for a Linux revWeb plugin and to see a maemo
version of RevMobile.  iThis and iThat seems to be more fun for the team
right now though.

~Roger Eller

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