Importing of data from fields into ListMagic table

Jim Bufalini jim at
Wed Apr 28 13:42:48 EDT 2010

Dear Charles,

> I have six fields (Plan Date, Last Name, First Name, Grade, Review
> Date, and
> Reevaluation Date) that I want to populate in a single row in ListMagic
> when
> the user clicks on a populate button. This is not a list. Each time the
> user
> uses my app they can add this information for each case to other cases
> already into the ListMagic table. Any suggestions?

Are you saying that you have 6 separate fields that are not a part of any
list but on pressing of a button, you want to make the 6 fields part of the

If this is the case then, in your button script, do something like:

put cr & field1 & tab & field2 & tab & (... etc) after tListData
LMPopulate tListData

Please use the syntax in the syntax tab if you have more than one list or in
different cards. If multiple people are updating the list, use a global as
in gListData.

Now, if this is not the case, I'll need a better example of what exactly you
are trying to do.

Aloha from Hawaii,

Jim Bufalini

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