dot POS files and Corpus Linguistics

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at
Wed Apr 28 04:39:53 EDT 2010

  On 28/04/2010 11:33, David Glasgow wrote:
> On 28 Apr 2010, at 3:17 am, use-revolution-request at wrote:
>> I then found out that in the case of corpus files POS means 'parts of speech'.
>> This is typical academia delighting in obscurantism.
>> Now for more 'fun':
>> Also bundled in the corpus are .psd files which, wait for it, are NOT
>> Adobe Photoshop files.
>> PSD: Probably Something Different ???
> Richmond,
> I have no knowledge or advice that might help you.  Further, wrangling your strange corpus is of no possible use or real interest to me.....
> .....but somehow I'm hooked.
> There is something of the Pratchett about your posts. Please continue instalments on your progress.
> Good Luck,

Oh Dear! You are in trouble . . .  :)

Paying Council Tax today; standing in a queue and listening to moronic
proles wibbling on about the price of fish.

I shall ruminate (cowlike) on POS and PSD files; whether that elevates
me above the level of the proles or makes me even more moronic
than they are has yet to be seen.

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