Cannot run .exec file of project

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at
Tue Apr 27 16:04:33 EDT 2010

  On 27/04/2010 22:42, J. Landman Gay wrote:
> Richmond Mathewson wrote:
>> Knowing that RunRev 4.0 for Windows will not run under WINE in Linux 
>> makes me
>> think that Windows executables made by the RunRev standalone builder are
>> probably not very "haooy" with any sort of emulated environment.
> I run, test, and work with Windows executables in emulation all the 
> time without issue.
  Wow I rattled that one off fast; hitting the 'O' key twice instead of 
the 'P' . . .  :)

Here we go again: all sorts of unknowns are coming to the surface re RunRev:

1. RunRev IDE for Windows does not run under WINE

(Woops; before I get all domatic about the inevitable number 2 I'd 
better see if I can
get a Windows standalone to function in WINE; turning on the Ubu-Box and 
here we go . . . )

2. WOW! I got a (albeit crude, basic stack) Windows exe standalone, 
built on Ubuntu 10.04 beta something
     to run under WINE. Although all the colours were inverted.

3. Now somebody with some jazzier computers than mine had better try the 
same tests with VMware,
     CrossOver, CrossDresser and all the rest. [Trick Question; which of 
those last 3 methods of emulation
     is not an emulator?]

I am beginning to think that RunRev's REAL shortcoming is not that it 
cannot do this and that on some
OS or another, but that it is suffering from serious UNDER-DOCUMENTATION.

Adequate Documentation will require a whole lot of work and a whole lot 
of testing.

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