Cannot run .exec file of project

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at
Tue Apr 27 15:36:32 EDT 2010

  On 27/04/2010 22:15, charles61 wrote:
> I am using Rev Enterprise 4.0.0 (built 950). After compiling my project, I
> found that my app ran fine on OS X (10.6.2) but it will not run on Windows
> XP using Parallels Version Build 5.0.9344. The splash screen appears but the
> application does not launch and an error message dialog that is set using
> the error reporting in Standalone Applications setting appears:
> Executing at 1:48:22 PM on Tuesday, April 27, 2010
> Type: Chunk: can't find stack
> Object: card 'card id 1002' of stack 'C:/Documents and
> Settings/Administrator/Desktop/S504.exe'
> Line: show stack 'Support 504 Assist'
> Line Num: 48
> Hint: continue
> And I had to use Control-Alt-Delete to stop the splash from continuing to
> try to find the Support 504 Assist stack.
> The above script refers to my script in the splash stack below which is
> supposed to launch my app:
> on openStack
>     send continue to me in 2 seconds
> end openStack
> on continue
>     close stack "AppStart"
>     go stack "Support 504 Assist"
>     show stack "Support 504 Assist"
> end continue
> The funny thing is that this same script work about a year ago when I
> created another app. When I tested my old app, I got the same error message
> except with only the name of the app being different! In both instances, I
> tried to launch both apps from the desktop.
> I check my standalone application settings to see if the stack "Support 504
> Assist" was accidentally left out but it is included in the stack files.
> Has anyone ran into this problem? Or is this script needs to be changed?
Knowing that RunRev 4.0 for Windows will not run under WINE in Linux 
makes me
think that Windows executables made by the RunRev standalone builder are
probably not very "haooy" with any sort of emulated environment.

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