Richmond goes data-mining (a.k.a. shovelling through the sh..)

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at
Tue Apr 27 14:30:15 EDT 2010

  On 27/04/2010 21:10, J. Landman Gay wrote:
> Richmond Mathewson wrote:
>>  On 27/04/2010 18:17, J. Landman Gay wrote:
>>> Peter Alcibiades wrote:
>>>> So its worth doing, and Richmond done good to make a start. 
>>> I made a list last night and will post it later today. There are 
>>> some errors that the list can correct, but for the most part I think 
>>> it is accurate.
> I've now double-checked some of the things I wasn't sure of, and I 
> think my list is pretty accurate now.
>> Can you tell me how you did it? I have a feeling the way I went about 
>> it was
>> extremely and unnecessarily long-winded.
> I extracted the dictionary entries by reading the custom properties 
> from the doc clumps (the dictionary builder that ships with the MC IDE 
> does this, so I just modified that script a bit.) Once I had a 
> complete list of all 1600+ entries, I used BBEdit and grep to remove 
> or extract various combinations of platform support.
> I first removed from the list all entries that were available on all 
> platforms, leaving only those that had at least one platform missing. 
> I also removed entries where the dictionary is wrong (for example, all 
> inks are fully cross-platform now but the dictionary hasn't been 
> updated.) I also removed all synonyms (mostly the XBrowser references) 
> and all instances of "COM:" except for the first one.
> What I found when I was done was that the only tokens that Linux does 
> not support fall into three basic categories: browser xcmd, 
> quicktime-related, and things the OS itself does not support. I also 
> found 32 Linux-only commands unique to that OS which no other 
> platforms support. There are Linux/OS X commands that Windows does not 
> support. There are 16 Windows-only tokens that don't apply to any 
> other OS. And so forth.
> The results are here: <>. 
> It looks to me like linux support is well-balanced, and that every OS 
> has a good number of platform-specific tokens that can't possibly be 
> applied elsewhere.
Much, much better than my effort: Thank you very much.

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