browser can't find .irev files on new on-rev subdomain

Martin Koob mkoob at
Tue Apr 27 12:08:10 EDT 2010

I have set up a new subdomain on a  domain I am hosting on on-rev. 
I copied the files from another subdomain where I was developing the 
site to the subdirectory for the new subdomain.

I can see all the irev pages in the on-rev client for both subdomains.

The development site works fine but I get a 404 error saying it can't 
find the index.irev page in the site of the new subdomain.    If I 
change the index page to a plain index.html page in the new 
subdomain the page will display.  

What could be the reason that the browser can't find the 
 irev page?

Is there another setting I need to change in addition to creating 
the subdomain?


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