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Tue Apr 27 02:20:59 EDT 2010

Thank you Jacqueline and Lynn for your advices,
I also have the "feeling" that the Valentina problem is a following error of
the other one. I have to dig deeper into that.
Thanks for making your thoughts

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> Tiemo Hollmann TB wrote:
> > I wanted to create a new version of my prog, with minor changes.
> Creating
> > the standalones for win and Mac, everything worked fine. The Win
> standalone
> > runs fine, but the Mac standalone hangs at a call of a handler of a
> substack
> > (after start using.). Because this substack is a third party password
> > protected stack, I can't debug it.
> This can happen if there is an error in the library and so the script
> aborts. Have you contacted the third-party vendor? That is what I'd do
> next.
> > Does the runrev licence expire in any kind?
> No. You can't use an expired license with a newer version of Rev, but
> your licensed version will run forever.
> >
> > Is the Valentina licence be valid only for a limited period? (I ask
> this in
> > the valentina list.)
> >
> > Or could perhaps the latest Mac-Update interfere in any kind?
> I don't know about Valentina, but an OS update might interfere. It
> depends on what the third-party library is doing. If it is written in
> RevTalk only, then it is not likely to be a problem. If it is an
> external then it might have problems after an OS change.
> >
> > It "feels" like linking the externals and substacks doesn't work
> anymore
> > correctly, but I don't know why and where to look for and how to
> analyse.
> You could add a logging handler to your standalone that writes the
> result of the commands that fail to a text file. That could give you
> some information.
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