Richmond goes data-mining . . .

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at
Tue Apr 27 01:50:37 EDT 2010

  On 27/04/2010 04:25, Alejandro Tejada wrote:
> Interesting enough, consulting the online
> dictionary, i just noticed that some entries
> are unchanged from previous versions and
> do not reflect actual version.
> For example, Mac Only ink effects are
> available for Windows users, but the
> dictionary does not specify this.
Technical 'guff' is in the second half of this
posting. The 'wibble' comes first.
The biggest problem is that the Dictionary is
not entirely consistent.

[Had you read the first paragraph of my
'Richmond goes bonkers because he didn't
have a rest over the weekend' text, you
would have realised that this was more an
attempt at a start than to produce canon

My "data-mining" was fairly crude; and most
of the criticisms levelled against the results are
perfectly justified.

It is, HOWEVER, high time there was a proper
3 column list so that folk who want/need to
develop something that will work on 2 or
more platforms can work out 'what is what'.

Searching through the Documentation for
each term is incredibly time-consuming; and
with the knowledge that it is not entirely
accurate one begins to think about The
Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy.

I suspect that the only people who can supply us
with such a list, which would be completely
reliable, not contain redundancies and
repetitions, and would stand up to all the
criticisms that have been levelled against my
list, are the RunRev folk themselves.

I would mention Klaus, but he is a bit bogged
down at present and doesn't need another thing
on his plate.


Cracking open a few of the XML files with TextWrangler I noticed
that most of them contained this:

<macos support="true" />
<osx support="true" />
<win32 support="true" />
<unix support="true" />

('twas not me that put empty spaces in there me hearties)

where the flag "true" could also be "false"

so I thought I would just filter for <unix support="false" />
until I noticed that some of the files had this:

<introduced version="1.0" />
<win32 support="true" />
<class>Desktop, Server and Web</class>

(all a bit inconsistent)  so I did this:

if fld "EXEMEL" contains "unix support=" & quote & "true" then
       --do nix--
    end if

where fld "EXEMEL" contains the text of the XML file that is being examined.
[SHOVE is not a recognised RunRev term on any platform . . .  :) ]

If anyone suddenly sees a bright, shining light, they are welcome to
contact me for a copy of my stack to improve or otherwise
mess around with.

My "Revolutionary  Therapy" is now concluded and I shall return to
work on my Devawriter 'Pro' without further ado.

sincerely, Richmond Mathewson.

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