On-Rev Directory Configuration

Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at gmail.com
Mon Apr 26 23:00:22 CDT 2010

> For anyone who has an On-Rev account:
> What do you get when you point your
> Web-browser to:
> http://(Insert Your Domain).on-rev.com/
> Are you getting a list of your directories, or
> something else?
> If you are getting a list of directories, isn't this
> a problem?  Shouldn't the page forward to
> some other webpage like your index.html page?
> Is there a way to configure things so that it does
> forward to your index page?  A configuration file
> of some sort, located where?

I get my index file: index.html or index.irev are the 2 that I use.
And I didn't have to configure anything to make this happen.

Are you sure that directory has a valid index file in it?
What happens if you go to http://(Insert Your
Domain).on-rev.com/index.html directly?


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