Problems building my standalone

Lynn Fredricks lfredricks at
Mon Apr 26 16:22:03 EDT 2010

> > Is the Valentina licence be valid only for a limited period? (I ask 
> > this in the valentina list.)
> > 
> > Or could perhaps the latest Mac-Update interfere in any kind?
> I don't know about Valentina, but an OS update might 
> interfere. It depends on what the third-party library is 
> doing. If it is written in RevTalk only, then it is not 
> likely to be a problem. If it is an external then it might 
> have problems after an OS change.

Valentina ADK licenses don't expire, but there are some developer versions
of Valentina Server used for demo purposes that are renewed on a monthly

With Valentina, you get issued a code, and that code works with versions
back to the last "whole" release (we only guarantee from the current
version, but it should work) and forward up to versions released just before
or at your expiration date. So if your update period ended on January 5,
2011, and we shipped Valentina 5 two days later, it wouldn't work (well, it
would, but as demo). But if it was shipped on January 4, 2011, then
Valentina 5 would work as usual.

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