where is RevWeb for linux?

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Sat Apr 24 09:11:19 EDT 2010

  On 24/04/2010 11:14, Kay C Lan wrote:
> I believe Richmond is putting forward a conspiracy theory that unscrupulous
> individuals at RunRev are carrying out backyard appendectomies on little
> used Rev components. I assume he believes they are then sold on the black
> market. and if I understand correctly, Steve Jobs frequents such places and
> at some future time will carry out a reverse appendectomy on iPads so as to
> add missing features.
> I'm sure Richmond will chime in with the finer details ;-)))
You got me in one . . .  :)

1. I don't believe anybody is unscrupulous at RunRev. However, they, 
like all of us,
     have to trim their sails (err . . . sales) to the way the wind is 

1a. Black Market ??? I wish there were one; I'm on the lookout for a Mac 
Classic standalone
        builder for RunRev 4 going cheap . . . or maybe "chip, chip, 
chip" . . .  :)

2. I do believe that when a computer program / programming environment
     is updated / upgraded it is, generally, a mistake to deprecate previous

The iPad needs several USB ports (and while we're there, what about a couple
of Firewire ones for good measure?).

Steve Jobs can probably download software without these ports!

Where is RevWeb for Linux? I don't know; no foul conspirators
have dumped it under my bed, unfortunately; otherwise I'm sure we
could "come to some sort of mutually beneficial agreement."

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