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Fri Apr 23 15:46:01 EDT 2010

Le 23 avr. 10 à 13:25, Marcello Bertoli a écrit :

> Hi Andre,
> thanks again for your kind interest in solving this tricky issue.
> I tried your code but the result is the same. It automates the  
> process of clicking on two column headers.
> What I would like to accomplish is different. I would like to sort  
> with more than one criteria my datagrid rows when I click the header  
> of the column date. Here there is an example of the scenario I would  
> like to accomplish (look at the first two rows in both examples:
> Number           Date                Customer
> 1               01/01/2010          aaaaaa
> 2               01/01/2010          bbbbbb
> 3               01/01/2010          cccccccc
> 4               02/01/2010          aaaaaaa
> 5               02/01/2010          bbbbbbb
> I would like that when I sort by date, the data can also by sorted  
> by (for example) customer (On the same date, the data must sorted  
> alfabetically by Customer)
> With your code (or with the default sorting code of datagrid) the  
> result is this:
> Number           Date                Customer
> 2              01/01/2010          bbbbbb
> 1               01/01/2010          aaaaaaa
> 3               01/01/2010          cccccccc
> 4               02/01/2010          aaaaaaa
> 5               02/01/2010          bbbbbbb
> I can accomplish what I need querying the database with something  
> like:
> select number, date, customer from invoices order by date asc,  
> customer asc
> I think that, apart from the sql query, there are two chances:
> 1. The datagrid code can itself manage muti criteria sorting (maybe  
> here Trevor can give us a hint)
> 2. We have to process the array of the datagrid, sorting with  
> multicriteria and then populate again the datagrid with the new array.
> Any idea?

Bonsoir Marcello,

Sorry again, I have been rather "slow"  to understand ;-))

I think that my first proposal was what you wanted except that I did  
it from a button (a mouseUp handler) while you wanted to it from a  
click on the header (which I proposed in my second solution, but then,  
I misunterpreted your sentence "I would like to sort the lines of the  
invoice datagrid first by invoice date and then by number"

Actually, to do a multi-criteria sorting (here two criteria) one must  
sort firstly by the second criteria, then by the first one. So that  
one gets the names in alphabetical order inside each date.

So a mixt of my two proposal seems to do the trick ( In fact it  
suffices to inverse the order of the two "dispatch" lines in the last  
script I send you (as they were in the first proposal); hence:
local hcColumn,theColumn
on mouseDown
    ## just to be sure the sort types are right
    set the dgColumnSortType["date"] of grp "datagrid 1" to "system  
    set the dgColumnSortType["name"] of grp "datagrid 1" to text

## to impose the sorting direction of "name"
    set the dgColumnSortDirection["name"] of grp "datagrid 1" to  

## sorting by 2 criteria:alphabetical order of customers inside each  
    put the dgHeaderControl of the mouseControl into hcColumn
    if hcColumn is not empty then
       put the dgColumn of the target into theColumn
       if theColumn is "date" then
          dispatch "sortByColumn" to the target with "name" ## second  
          --wait 1 sec
          dispatch "sortByColumn" to the target with "date" ## first  
       end if
    end if
end mouseDown

Is this working as you are expecting (seems OK here in my trials)
(cross my fingers ;-o)))

Best regards from Grenoble


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