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> Thinking back to something Jacqueline said about the first click being
> swallowed, I have had a problem for a while (can't remember exactly when it
> started) with hot-keys. A number which are in the form Ctl(Mac)-X do not
> work on first invocation, but do once their associated function has been
> otherwise triggered.
> Is this in Rev or in a variety of Apps?

My first thought was the possibility of some 'other' App that monitors key
strokes might be interfering, these usually involve the need to 'Enable
access for assistive devices' in the Universal Access System Preference
Pane. Apps that come to mind are:

Mac Keylogger

the later recording every keystroke you ever make and stealthily taking
screen shots. Just in case you haven't installed it, you might consider this
from the developers website:

*Monitor your spouse:
*Have you suspected that your spouse is cheating on you? Why he/she cleans
the tracks on the computer? Now with the *keylogger for Mac* he/she can’t
hide anymore.

You haven't been misbehaving have you ;-))

If you've 'Enable access for assistive devices', you could try turning it
Off to see if it makes a difference, although I have my suspicions that
doing a Safe Boot would do just that.

The other thought was a hot key conflict, more than one app assigning the
same keys, but again, these would only be valid outside their own app if
'Enable access for assistive devices' was used and should only explain why
certain keys wont work, not why the scroll bar in a single App plays up.

I'm sorry, not much help.

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