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Thu Apr 22 23:38:27 EDT 2010

Graham & Heather Harrison wrote:
> I may not have been as clear as intended in my last mail - suffice to
> say scrolling in InfoWallet didn't work.
> So I decided to try ssMacWindows to see how that went, and it doesn't
> at all. As far as I can see I have everything in the right places.
> Then decided to scrap rev and totally reload. Uninstall refused to do
> anything (see separate thread), so I don't know if the latest install
> is completely new or not. The problem still exists.

On a Mac, uninstall doesn't really do much. Just drag the Rev app into 
the trash. Uninstall is for Windows installations mostly. But it sounds 
like you don't have to reinstall, given the hot keys thing you mention.

> Thinking back to something Jacqueline said about the first click
> being swallowed, I have had a problem for a while (can't remember
> exactly when it started) with hot-keys. A number which are in the
> form Ctl(Mac)-X do not work on first invocation, but do once their
> associated function has been otherwise
> triggered.

That does sound related. What happens if you temporarily turn off hot keys?

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