Mac Scrolling

Graham & Heather Harrison crw at
Wed Apr 21 22:14:03 EDT 2010

On 22/04/2010, at 8:41 AM, zryip theSlug wrote:

> 1) Open your message watcher (Menu Development -> Message watcher)
> 2) Checked if there is no pending message, and no front script
> launched. If needed remove them.

Nothing found. I assume the font script launch would have been in message watcher. If not I know not where to look.

> 3) Create a new stack
> 4) Drop a "Scrolling field" on it
> 5) Copy or type text in your field (10 or 15 lines to have a scroll bar)
> 6) In the field property, ask for vertical scrollbar

By the time I got to Property Inspector it already had Vertical Scrollbar ticked.

> Now give a try to the scrollbar. What happens?

Exactly the same as every other test case I have set up: need double-click in channel to move bar, does not recognise Go To Here.

Am I really conversing with a slug? ("Slime sliiime sliimmme Zryip!")

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