Why do human have appendices?

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Wed Apr 21 04:16:17 EDT 2010

  Well there are a number of theories there.

Evolutionary theory suggests that humans have evolved from herbivores
that needed appendices to house lots of gut flora to help digest cellulose.

Why do we still have appendices?  Well, just possibly they might be there
as a sort of stop-gap in the unlikely eventuality of having to go on an
all-grass diet for a spot.


Why has RunRev removed various capabilities that were there in earlier
recensions of their software?

*** Standalone building capabilities for, supposedly, deprecated
          operating systems:

         Mac Classic

         many others


As one updates / upgrades software / one's house / one's computer / etc.
it is generally the done thing to add enhancements that expand the 
for that thing.

However; when I put in a second toilet I don't do it at the expense of 
the kitchen.

When I put a second LightScribe DVD burner in my G4 Mac I didn't rip out
3 of the Hard-drives.

When I made a new computer desk so that I could snuggle my Linux text box
and my headless XP box right up next to my G4 linked monitor and keyboard
I still made sure I had easy access to my BBC Micro (very useful for 
and modelling loops - in BBC BASIC - for implementing in RunRev later).


On my G4 I have, amongst all the other 'Guff', RunRev 1.1.1 and 2.0.1, so I
can always "go back to the future" and run off a standalone for some older
OS; but, of course, a lot of the capabilities and features introduced in 
recensions of RunRev get lost.

But who wants to feed grass to a cow and wait for it to sick up its cud so
that it is slightly more digestable for humans?

sincerely, Richmond Mathewson.

Mr Mathewson holds a BA in Philosophy and this sometimes gets the
better of him . . .  :)

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