Mac Scrolling

Graham & Heather Harrison crw at
Wed Apr 21 01:19:44 EDT 2010


Let's go back to the start, as we seem to diverging wildly at the moment.

Yes, double arrows, at the bottom, can be set in Sys Prefs/Appearance. Double arrows at top AND bottom cannot. It can be set by the programs I mentioned. I have verified that this setting is not the cause of the double-click in the channel problem.

You said that the "go to here" would probably require scripting because the default uses the pageinc property. I was enquiring as to how to go about this scripting. Perhaps I need to spend more time looking up property settings.

The only non-standard behaviour left is the double-click in the channel problem. I am not sure how to determine if that is due to my settings - is there a list of known previous incompatibilities with rev? And if I can't find anything, are you saying that it would be very difficult to impose single-click over the abnormal double-click?


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