Mac Scrolling

Graham & Heather Harrison crw at
Tue Apr 20 20:14:03 EDT 2010

Hi Jacqueline,

> If you need to double-click then I think there must be a script interfering. Rev uses standard click behaviors by default.

I am forced to use double-click in the channel on every scrollable rev screen, including Application Browser and Script Editing.

> They should use the system setting for arrows though, which in my case is to show double arrows at the bottom. Not sure what you mean by two arrows at either end.

By two arrows I mean double arrows. This is a system setting which cannot be reached through normal preferences. Can be set by TinkerTool, MacPilot, etc. As I said, rev recognises this correctly.

> You may have to script the "go to here" part, since scrollbars by default use the pageinc property to determine how far to scroll.

This is where I need help, as a rev newbie. WhatI want to do is somehow bypass/overwrite the system values, not redefine scrolling from the top down. So, for example, how do I find the scrolling system values?

OS X 10.6.2/3

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