my arrowKey handler is working

Haroldo Mauro Jr. hmauro at
Mon Apr 19 20:15:14 EDT 2010

At 21:49 +0200 19/04/10, Robert Brenstein wrote:
>>Hi Jacqueline, it's nice to be here learning Revolution. Thank you for the long answer and the suggestions. This stack is for my own use. It's a book catalog for my private library. I've working on it for several years in Hypercard. It has aproximately 1500 cards, four backgrounds. It not only holds the book data, but also has a couple of cards with Dewey Decimal Classification class codes, a list of authors and an A to Z table with cutter numbers, so it also assigns cutter numbers for the authors, via scripts, etc. There are a lot of scripts, and there are many adjustments to make before it will work 100 percent in Revolution.
>Since you seem to be making progress with the arrowkey issue, let me use the opportunity to mention the issue of backgrounds. You want to read on this in rev docs as this is an aspect of revolution which differs from hypercard, although it is possible to use rev's backgrounds in a fashion similar to hypercard. However, in many instances, what was achieved in hc with different backgrounds, one often does it in revolution with substacks. So, if you haven't ventured there yet, consider checking these out.

Thank you for mentioning it. Yes, I am aware of the background issue. I got Revolution about 5 years ago but got very confused with groups and substacks, so I put it away and only now I am working with it again.


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