my arrowKey handler is working

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Sun Apr 18 21:13:31 EDT 2010

Haroldo Mauro Jr. wrote:

> Hi Jacqueline, it's nice to be here learning Revolution. Thank you
> for the long answer and the suggestions. This stack is for my own
> use. It's a book catalog for my private library. I've working on it
> for several years in Hypercard. It has aproximately 1500 cards, four
> backgrounds.

I think you're okay for now. The "find" command works much more slowly 
than in HC but otherwise it should be fine.

> Anyway, I commented out the whole stack script leaving only the
> arrowKey handler and it worked. Now I'll try to figure out where the
> problem is. But I have another question.

Okay, that's actually a clue. Do you have a keydown or keyup handler? If 
so, in Rev, keydowns and keyups catch all key-related messages before 
any others, like arrowkey or tabkey, etc. So if your keydown/up handler 
isn't passing the message, the arrowkey handler will never trigger. As 
an aside, rawkeydown/rawkeyup handlers catch messages even before 
keydown/keyup does, but since this is a HC port and HC didn't have 
rawkey messages, you probably don't have any of those.

> In the script, shift+right arrow moves to card 1 of next bg,
> shift+left arrow goes to last card of previous bg. This works now,
> but stops when it gets to the fourth bg either way. Is there a way to
> make it keep going, as in a loop, repeating the cycle,
> 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4...etc?

It should work identically to HC. The only thing I can think of is that 
some other key-related handler is blocking arrowkey messages on that bg. 
So check the script in bg 4 for any key-related things.

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