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Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Sun Apr 18 07:44:53 EDT 2010

  On 18/04/2010 14:29, Haroldo Mauro Jr. wrote:
> Hi everybody, I just joined this list. I used Hypercard for many years, since I got my first Mac in 1991. Then, some years ago swiched to  Supercard, which I've been using a lot.  I've had Revolution Studio for over a year but only now am trying to use it more steadly. So, here's what I need help with right now.
> In a converted Hypercard stack, an arrowKey handler in the stack script is not behaving as expected. So I checked the Revolution dictionary and found this example below, which I tested on my stack and it didn't work, just the same:
> (example from Rev dictionary)
> on arrowKey theKey -- make Up arrow go to the first card
>    if theKey is "up" then go to card 1
>    else pass arrowKey
> end arrowKey

Just tried that script: NO; doesnt work: documentation is misleading.
> Instead of going to card 1 it kept going to the next card each time I pressed the up arrow key, and after the last card the stack just closed.
> Here's my original handler, from the Hypercard stack script, which doens't work:
> (handler is in stack script)
> on arrowKey whichKey
>    if whichKey is "right" then
>      if the optionKey is down then
>        go first card of next bg
>      else
>        go next card of this bg
>      end if
>    end if
>    if whichKey is "left" then
>      if the optionKey is down then
>        go last card of previous bg
>      else
>        go previous card of this bg
>      end if
>    end if
> end arrowKey
> Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
> Harold

My experience favours rawKeyDown:

on rawKeyDown  RAWK
   if RAWK is 65363 then go to card 1
else pass rawKeyDown
end rawKeyDown

of course finding the keynumbers is a bit of a pain, so
why not download this little thingy to make your life
a bit easier:


all the best, Richmond.

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