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Sat Apr 17 18:04:20 EDT 2010

Peter Alcibiades wrote:

> So, if you say you have certified, which means tested, against your
> reference distro, and its Ubuntu, and you have tweaked it so everything
> works, OK, which Ubuntu?  Here are some dates:
> 8.04.................. .2008-04-24  (we are now on 8.04.4 I think)
> 8.10 ...................2008-10-30 (we now seem to be on 8.10.3)
> 9.10....................2009-10-29 (seems not to have had later versions)
> 10.04 is now in Beta so will be out shortly
> You cannot 'standardize on Ubuntu' or use it as a reference distro.  Its
> meaningless.  You have to specify a release.  The Ubuntus out there in the
> market are not one release, they are a mixed lot of generations and updates,
> and they are changing all the time.

I won't know of an OS for which that isn't true.

Just yesterday my XP system got another update, and my OS X 10.4 system 
got an update the week before.

Most OS vendors encourage their customer base to use the current 
version, but they also recognize that not everyone can or will, and so 
they continue to make critical enhancements to even older versions while 
continue to move their OS forward with their current release.

Most developers target both the most recent version of any given OS, and 
also the one in widest use.  For example, XP still dominate the market 
even though Vista has been out for years, so it makes sense to test both 
on XP and Win 7.

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