MySQL has gone away (again)

JosepM jmyepes at
Thu Apr 15 11:16:46 EDT 2010

Hi List,

I still figthing with this problem but I can't found one solution. 

If the application loses internet connectivity, due by that MySQL
connects clients after a period of inactivity or you hibernate the computer, 
connection is lost, but, revOpenDatabases() still returns a value. But there
no connection, so running a query or any DB command hangs the software
sometimes a force quit or wait until 10 minutes to get the error.

As I read in the forum one solution is disconnect each time before to
execute any query. 

Two questions: 

a) Anybody have found any solution for this, I tryed some things founded in
the forum but doesn't work, so really the connection with mySQL is OK, the
ports are accessible... 

Also I post a bug

b) Send in time some function can work but how control after hibernate the
computer and the user perform some query? I don't know if I explain myself.
The problem that I detect is after the user recover the computer after
hibernate it. The application is loaded like other application, and perform
some query. In this moment the computer have internet connection, and if I
check for the mySQL ports or ping, the result is ok.

So I think about some timer that fire one condition to disconnect before to
perform the next query, after this first disconnect the next ones work fine.

Any ideas?


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