[OT] iPads delayed internationally

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Thu Apr 15 10:58:20 EDT 2010

  On 15/04/2010 17:37, Mark Wieder wrote:
> Jacque-
> Wednesday, April 14, 2010, 10:35:32 PM, you wrote:
>> You haven't yet? Last I asked, which was quite a while ago, RR said
>> they'd all been sent, all the orders were completed. Better check with
>> support, I guess. You should have received them a long time ago.
I received a message from RunRev support today that my DVDs had been 
about a month ago. I am waiting for my local post-lady to give me a slip 
of paper
so that I can pop along to the customs office to sign lots of silly papers,
  jump through hoops (well, metaphorically at least) and pay a customs
clearance fee for them.  If the merry Bulgarian postal service have managed
to bust any I will force the customs officers to eat the DVDs - expect a 
Movie to be uploaded anytime soon . . .  :)

> I don't know about "a long time ago"... mine finally arrived last week.
> Overly packaged and with a broken plastic case, the the dvds seem all
> playable, so I'm happy.
'Overly' is probably the problematic word.

I would recommend the folk at RunRev to down-play the
conference DVDs in future, as, had they not been OVERLY
hyped nobody would have got all tetchy about what
happened . . .   :)

I cannot help wondering if RunRev would not have been better
to set up a passworded FTP site and let us download DVD images
and burn them ourselves - certainly would have minimised both
the delay and the aggro.

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