Debian, Sidux, Ubuntu, reference distributions for Rev

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Thu Apr 15 10:58:21 EDT 2010

What I think for once I can give a rational explanation that will untangle
this on the mind of the thread readers is that while Larry and Peter are
correct in the sense that both Fedora and Ubuntu are basically Debian beta
and RH beta from an engineering point of view meaning that those distros are
more inclined to put unstable and bleeding edge stuff then Debian and Red
Hat so that anyone that prizes stableness and a conservative point of view
should simply use Debian or RH and if they want bleeding edge packages then
just install them over.

This is all correct but what me, Richard and others are saying which is not
getting thru is that we consider a reference platform to be the platform
most probable to be used by our target customer base for Rev based tools and
by that we basically mean the new average linux user. You are more prone to
encounter an Ubuntu installation than a vanilla Debian one on the desktop,
and yes we know that this is because of shiny and eye candy but who cares,
this is what we will encounter and that is what we need our software to run.

I was using linux when as not fashionable in Brazil in 1995 or something, I
was 15, there was no Ubuntu, I had an infomagick bundle with slackware, pc
linux pro and other oddities. In two days I fried my monitor due to bad
refresh rate. That (along with my father complaints) led me to actually buy
a Linux unleashed book the size of a small volkswagen and read it. Now, if I
had Ubuntu that time, I would simply be running something useful and simple
instead of working thru a 2000 pages book just to learn how to launch X with
the correct configuration.

Joe Linux will not know about Debian or Slackware, Joe Linux can't Bash, Joe
Linux doesn't know his /etc/ but he uses his Linux computer thru synaptic
and menus and he is fine. Most of us want to target that user, not sys
admins or server stuff. Rev for linux desktop will cather to that guy. Thats
why we need to make sure things run on the kind of machine he has, which is
probably one of the hyped linux distributions.

I have nothing against debian or red hat, actually, I just lied, I don't
like red hat but it is personal and not technical, but we need to make sure
things run on the most popular distros.

And don't let me get started on the mess of desktop environments and their
themes and the hell hole that is Linux shared libraries and their locations.
Each day I find some linux parts more like windows...

On Thu, Apr 15, 2010 at 4:52 AM, Peter Alcibiades <
palcibiades-first at> wrote:

> Larry is correct.   Ubuntu is Debian Beta.  Fedora is Red Hat Beta.
>  Nothing
> wrong with betas.  They are not reference systems.
> People who want to use Ubuntu as a reference system, or Fedora for that
> matter, need to get specific.  I suggested, and Larry seems to be
> suggesting, Debian Stable.
> You want to use Ubuntu as a reference distro, which release?  How often are
> you going to change it?  Every six months, when the new version comes out?
> You want to use Fedora, which release?
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