How to make print card work in Linux: solved

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at
Thu Apr 15 04:44:05 EDT 2010

  On 15/04/2010 11:05, Peter Alcibiades wrote:
> This is what you do and do not do.
> First, you do not test this from the IDE in run mode.  Because if you do,
> you'll discover that changes to the script have different effects when the
> app is launched from a startup stack or, probably, when compiled, from
> those it has when run from the IDE.
> Nor do you test it on anything but the identical configuration of the
> machine that will do the printing in real life.
> My problem all along has been to think that identical settings in the print
> parameters would lead to identical results on different machines.  They do
> not.  Also to think that identical results would be obtained from the IDE
> in run mode and from a launcher stack.  They are not.  This leads to all
> kinds of grief, as when you finally get a setting that works in the IDE on
> machine A, then move to machine B and run the app, and discover that it
> does something totally different.
> Instead what you do is start from whatever startup stack you are using to
> launch, or start up the compiled app.  Then do the print.  Make a note of
> the settings. Then close the stack, open it in the IDE, modify the
> settings, recompile if need be, close down Rev, start up from the startup
> stack or the compiled app, print again, make a note of the settings.
> This must be done on the actual computer and the actual display from which
> the print command will be run.
> Iterate, changing one parameter at a time, until it comes out more or less
> right.  This took me the better part of a morning.
> Peter

Gosh; I'll crack out the headache pills first . . . :)

Or, as a friend of mine said many years ago, "Stuff that for a laugh."

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