Revlet as backend tool

Terry Vogelaar tvogelaar at
Tue Apr 13 04:29:16 EDT 2010

I have been asked to make a HTML-version of a Flash-based site, because not all internet browsing devices have Flash. The site is not hosted on On-Rev, so I cannot use an .irev file. The CMS is Flashblocks; a Flash-based commercial CMS that writes all data to an XML-file. So the task of parsing the data and write it to a bunch of HTML-files should be fairly simple.

So I want to write a revlet with a simple user interface. Basically a button that the editor can click after he is done with updating the content in Flashblocks. The script then parses the newly written XML-file and puts the HTML-files on the server to update them too, for all iPhone users to see.

But before I start coding, I want to investigate what the hurdles might be, because this is going to be my first revlet. For example: what is the standard location for a revlet to write files? The server or the user side? Can a revlet write files to a server? If yes, how? Do I need to set permissions? Can it create new files and overwrite existing files?


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